JDSU Picks Up Picolight for $115M

Thanks, Andrew. FNSR’s Jerry Rawls recent comments on LRM were causing some of my confusion. Hence my questions about XFP…The data center may be more important to fiber than telecom right now. But it’s hard to figure out whether corporate centers will stick with single-mode fiber, or use the new IEEE long-range multimode (LRM) standard that can use the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) legacy installed base. And some vendors are promoting twisted-pair copper networks using the new 10GBase-T standard.

Where does Finisar see the best opportunity?

In the short run, LRM is the best bet because enterprise managers can take advantage of installed fiber and OEMs can look to component vendors to move from last-generation Xenpak to XFP (10Gbit Form Factor Pluggable Module). We’ll see a transition from Xenpak using the LX-4 standard, with four channels at 3Gbps, to the single-channel LRM.



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